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Welcome One and All

June 18th, 2014

Welcome One and All

Please come on in and set a spell, you are quite welcome here.

As you can tell, this website is brand spanking new. Please mind the few minor glitches and lack of artwork, I assure you those are just temporary things. For years, I've been asked if there was one particular place on the old "Interweb" where one could access and view most of my photographic artwork and and graphic art creations and up until now, there has not been one.

For you see, my work has been utilized on dozens of websites, for book cover art-multiple times, and for dozens of graphic art pieces that adorn various forms of clothing and merchandise that sell in online stores throughout the World Wide Web. It may take some time to get this site completed, but I'm working hard at now. I've got hundreds of images to sort through and to upload, so please, by all means, drop back by frequently to check out my progress.

Thanks for stopping by.